What I am wearing this Spring/Summer


I know there are millions of lists on the internet about what people suggest wearing this Spring and Summer. I do take them as suggestions and try to find a fragrance that is not mentioned a lot but a fragrance that I will wear this coming year. Mainly, because I do not want to smell like the majority of people that I come in contract with. This has given me more compliments because it is different from everyone else.

The fragrace that I have found is by Azzaro, and the fragrance is Chrome Pure. I did pick this fragrance up from FragranceX at the end of summer last year for around 40 USD. I did a price check recently (as the time of this writing), and it is still around 40 USD. This fragrance was launched in 2017. So to me, it is still a new fragrance on the market.

On my skin, this fragrance last a good portion of the day, and I have worn it in the office. My opinion is that it is a good office scent. Here is the note breakdown: Top notes are Mandarin Orange and Bergamot; middle notes are Watery Notes, Orange Blossom and Akigalawood; base notes are Tonka Bean, Mate, White Musk and Cedar.

The fragrance smells fresh and relaxing at the same time. I do enjoy the scent as it changes through the day. This is the fragrance that I will be wearing this Spring/Summer. I do see myself wearing it on my cruise this year also.

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