Getting DMR with Linux

For those that do not have Windows, there is hope in doing code plugs and programming radios in Linux.

I received my MD380 and found out that all the software is for Windows. There is no Linux nor MacOS version.

I did get software for MD380 that was written for Windows to work under Linux using Wine. You can get the software here, and then you can obtain Wine 3.0.1 from here or using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS by going to terminal and type sudo apt install wine. This software works but so far have got the radio driver to work yet. I am still working on that problem. However, you can read and edit code plug for the radio.

Now I need to get the VM to see the code plug from the other program. So I can upload the plug to the radio. I will update this page as I figure things out.

Okay, I found out how to get the VM to see the code plug. I had to save the code plug to a USB drive, and then move the code plug from the drive to the /home/tyt directory by su into the VM. Once that is done, then you can use rdtwrite to upload the code plug into the radio. It works like a charm.

Update: For Ubuntu users there is a program in the repository for MD380 and MD390 code plug programming. You can install it by apt install editcp. It works great and have been using it the past few months with no problems.