Tex Murphy: Poisoned Pawn

Screenshot from 2018-10-04 11-43-21.png

Woohoo! There is a new Tex Murphey adventure coming in 2018 2019. There is no exact launch date, yet.

In the Tex Murphy games, you play Tex, a 1940’s style gumshoe, who seems to get himself in the middle of a case that changes his life. Tex always seem to get in trouble with the love of his life, Chelsea. The setting of the game is in San Francisco after World War III. Tex lives and does his cases in a portion of the city; where the mutants live and do business. There is a host of characters that you can get to know and love.

In this series of games, there is different endings depending on what you choose to do during the game. In this upcoming adventure, Poisoned Pawn, the game starts off in 2050 just after the events from Tesla Effect, which did not make it to Linux due to 3rd party tools for the videos, Tex Murphy must revisit his previous cases to decipher his true past.

If you have not played this series, then you may need to get the older games to fully enjoy this new adventure. The other adventures you may need to get is Mean Streets, Martian Memorandum, Under a killing Moon, The Pandora Directive, Overseer, and Tesla Effect. All of these games can be found on Steam, and most are available for Linux.

Which brings us to the new adventure which is developed on the Unity game engine, and the developers are seriously aiming for a Linux version of Poisoned Pawn. I cannot wait for this game to come out. From the screenshots, the game looks amazing. It is not listed on Steam yet but keep on eye out for it to appear soon.

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