Eggs Done Right

My wife and I decided to stop and eat at a Denny’s for breakfast. It has been a year or so since the last time we have eaten at a Denny’s, and they have a few new items on their menu–Eggs Benedict. Yes, Denny’s decided to get fancy with their eggs, and I am so glad for this new development on their menu. I first tried Eggs Benedict on a cruise that we took in 2019, my review of the cruise is coming soon, and I have longed for that item ever since. Now, I only tried one of their new egg Benedicts–Southwest Benny Breakfast.

The Southwest Benny Breakfast is a mouthwatering marvel. You get an English muffin topped with chorizo, medium egg, and Hollandaise sauce. Sound great does it not! Well, that is not all, you also get a drizzle of five pepper sauce with a topping of pico de gallo. It is delicious to the very last bite. I do recommend this if you happen to stop in Denny’s restaurant. This dish is worth the money. If chorizo does not tickle your fancy, you can try the other two Prime Rib Benny Breakfast and Classic Benny Breakfast.

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