Found an Awesome Appetizer

Over the weekend, my wife and I decided to try a new place to eat in Sulphur Springs Texas. It is called Corner Grub House located at 113 Gilmer Street in Sulphur Springs Texas. This place has all the usual items to choose from that you would find in other similar eateries. However there is one that stands out among the rest, and that is the Jalapeno Poppers.

These poppers are hand-made in their kitchen and are craftily created. What is so special about these Jalapeno Poppers? Well, they are rolled in bacon, now that is special right. Also, these poppers are filled with herbed cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and grilled over an open fire. The final touch is that they are drizzled with a sweet chili sauce. Yum can not describe the taste of these wonderfully crafted poppers.

If you visit this place sometime in the future, I would highly recommend these poppers to start with if you can take a little heat.

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